Level 2: Why do I (we) collect?


My obsession with all things NES is no secret…but the question I get most often is “why?”. People seem amused I spend my spare time chasing after 30 year old cartridges, when as they often point out: “Don’t you know these are free online?”.

I’m not against emulators and roms, their a great way to play rare games, try imports, or just test drive titles before you buy. There’s debate as to whether roms are legit…yes its a grey area because yes they are hacks of the original games, but the original manufacturers no longer make money off the property (yes I know their for sale in the wii market – I’ll touch on that another time) so the physical titles are up for grabs from resellers.

So back to the point…why do I do it?…there’s a certain feeling you get when you have the actual cart in your hands, the excitement of coming across uncommon or rare finds that makes it worth it. I can’t enjoy looking at the roms on my laptop the same way I enjoy seeing my shelf of carts, my action figures and my boxed NES. It’s something I love enough to want to hunt down just so I can bring my treasure home,   that can’t be achieved with an emulator.

I chose the header picture because the gameboy was a huge part of my childhood…gaming on the go?!?!….NOW YOU’RE PLAYING WITH POWER!!. So when I recently found a gameboy at a yard sale I was able to relive the greatness of holding it in my hands, clicking on the on button and seeing that Nintendo screen come scrolling down and that familiar “ding!” that was burned into your brain as a kid.

I’ll talk more in depth about emulators at a later time but for now I hear something calling my name:


Cheers and #8bitliving for life!


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