Bonus Stage: When you get that mad deal.

Everyone loves a deal am I right?

That sweet moment when everything works out….that insane find at a yard sale or junk shop or a sweet bundle up that nets you a deal on that hard to find gem….ahhh! That’s what makes all the hunting worthwhile.

It’s always good to have “a guy”, you always hear people saying “yeah I got a deal..I know a guy”…well i’m fortunate enough to have found a guy. Its nice when you’ve spent time (and some cash obviously) and have built up that relationship with the person to a point where the deals really start coming out.

I like dealing with other collectors too for just this reason, our mutual love for these classic games builds a quick friendship. Swapping stories about games, showing off our rare finds to each other and having a shared knowledge of the history of these games opens doors to some great deals.

When you know your games are going to a good home you’re not concerned with ebay pricing, it’s not about profit…it’s about gaming. Trades are a great way to save some money too and it can be a lot more profitable when dealing with other collectors who aren’t interested in the cost as much as their interested in that game that they’ve been hunting for or something  fills a few holes in their collection.

So deals can definitely be had, you just have to put the time and effort in to make them happen.

And just for fun here’s a return of the Jedi handheld. Cheers!



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