Warp Zone: Are rare games always worth it?


Rare games…the holy grail(s) to many collectors, but are they always everything the hype makes them out to be?

Simple answer: No.

I can already hear your thoughts..”but their the most expensive, sought after games and are a status symbol for collectors…you crazy bro?”.

Complicated answer: No, but…

Yes, these are some of the hardest to find titles for many reasons, and due to those factors the prices can be astronomical. But are all these games really fun or are they just status symbols to impress fellow collectors with?

I recently parted with a rare game, one because it wasn’t a system I prefer collecting for and two, it wasn’t a very fun game in my opinion. I knew about this game from watching one of my favourite YouTubers, they mentioned it was one of the rarer games for the system, so when I came across it I was stoked. Then I played it. That’s about where the hype stopped, the game itself wasn’t anything special just a run of the mill action/platformer but because of its reputation I expected something great…it was not.

So rarity doesn’t always mean you’re getting a quality game, a good example of this is the much sought after STADIUM EVENTS by Bandai…it’s super rare and even more valuable!!! Except, we all played it…yup, it’s just Nintendo’s track and field. You know the one where you and a friend would lay on the floor and pound on the power pad because it was boring as hell?

The rarity stems only from the fact Nintendo bought the game from Bandai and rebranded it a Nintendo game. Only a few Bandai copies were sold as the family fun fitness pack before that, so any remaining ones became rare. So is it really worth stressing over and financially breaking yourself to get one? Sure, if that’s your thing…give er.

I’m a fan of game chasing shows, it’s always fun seeing someone come across crazy finds in the wild…but how realistic is it? I’m not saying it’s a set up, but the reality is a lot of people watch these shows and will go off and look up what they have. This means you’re less likely to find those rare games for next to nothing.

This doesn’t even account for artificially inflated prices, there are opportunists who know these games are valuable and will hoard copies to restrict its availability and thus raising it’s cost. This can make chasing down copies of many of these games a costly and frustrating endeavor.

In the end it comes down to how you collect and what matters most to you. If you want to be a completionist, then you’ll never be satisfied until you have every title regardless of rarity or price. For me, it’s about playability, I prefer a game that’s worth playing over the status….(except for one thing, I won’t lie…I need a power glove…but more on that later). Just my opinion but there’s plenty of great common gems in the library that often get overlooked.

Keep on hunting!


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