Level 3: “I knew I had to have it”


Ok, so these guys need no introduction…well they shouldn’t, but just in case it’s Billy and Jay: The game chasers.
The Game Chasers youtube channel:

Ok, moving along…So the reason I’m talking about Billy and Jay is because Billy has a catchphrase that really rings true to me as a collector. If you’ve seen the show you’re familiar with “I knew I had to have it!”.
There’s always that moment as a collector when you see that game or accessory and you just know it needs to be yours. This is when I often find that my wallet knows no bounds, especially when it’s an item I’ve searched out for a long time.
I recently experienced this with the NES Advantage joystick:


I always wanted one of these as a kid…it was as close to the arcade as you were going to get..plus the adjustable turbo and slow buttons!! Could it possibly get cooler than that? Well I never did end up getting one, but it’s always been one of those things I knew I needed to have, so finally getting one recently was like hitting a jackpot.

I had that moment when I saw it and that alarm goes off in your head and you suddenly become that 10 year old version of yourself and in doing so, lose the ability to say no..


It’s that magical moment where you feel as though you’ve completed an important quest and now will do anything to put that treasure in your game vault. These are moments that really keep me going as a collector, there’s something really satisfying about ticking one of those must have items off your list that makes the monetary investment worth it.

This reaction is what seems to seperate collectors from the rest of the herd, no matter what it is you collect, be it games, toys, cards, action figures or what have you…you understand the compulsion to collect them all and see that completed collection as not just an investment of time and money, but a showcase of the items you love.

So in the end it comes back around to another Game Chasers catchphrase: “That’s how game chasing go.”

For some top shelf game chasing action definitely check out the chasers youtube channel!


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