Boss battle: where do you draw the line on price?


Ok, anyone who collects games knows there’s a price tag attached…but where do you draw the line?

Any NES collector knows there’s a ton of games for the system and most were horrible (see last post). There’s games that go for a lot due to rarity, etc but what about the less than desirable titles?

How much is a crappy title really worth? All depends on how the dealer looks at it. A common price on worthless titles is about $5 (CAD)…this is decent on titles that you might not play much but you can justify five bucks worth of fun from it. But there’s another section of games to consider…the stinkers…we all know them, board games, etc.

As a collector, I know I need to have anticipation, jeopardy, Othello, etc but am I ever going to see $5 worth of fun from it…let alone play it? So there’s some times where you need to grind it cheap.

So...take a dollar for this one?

Take a buck for this one? I hear it’s no good.

Obviously ducktales 2 is a great example of a game thats fun enough to justify a high price tag, but we’re not here to talk about that. I find it comes down to playability vs cost and with some of the crappier games it’s just not there.

When it comes to the less favourable NES games, I personally will wait until i find them in the $1-2.99 range only because its not a game thats going to leave the shelf ever except to show someone what a piece of shit it is and because these games do turn up frequently…deals can be made or sometimes second hand stores just blow them out to get rid of them.

It goes back to the “everyone loves a deal” post I had a while ago, and in the case of these kind of games a deal is in order. Money better saved for the titles that will run you a few extra dollars but can give you much more playtime and enjoyment.

What it comes down to is how you decide to budget your money, how quick you want to collect, and whether you’re willing to go around hunting until you find what you want at a better price. There’s always a chance of finding great games at yard sales, swap meets, junk shops, etc but you have to commit the time and effort to tracking them down. It can be rewarding, but there’s a lot of people hunting and you will find yourself getting burned because you went to one sale before another and just got beat out. Nothing is more disappointing than finding out the seller just sold their nintendo and a box of games for $50 just five mins ago…but it’s all about luck out there.

Like I’ve said before though never underestimate the power of the bundle, sometimes if you’re already buying more you can shave down the cost some of the less desirable titles or picking them up through trades can be another way to round them up at little to no cost.

I’ll see you out in the wild…happy hunting!



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