1 Up! Favourite games…we all have em!


Everyone has “the list”, those games you love and can play over and over again. Maybe it was that first game you ever got for your system, that rental you checked out every weekend until you finally got a copy, or the one where you’d always hang out with that weird kid at school because even though he was weird, he had some cool games.

However you discovered them one thing is consistent…they were awesome! You could just plop down in front of the tv and play all weekend. There’s a lot of top lists for vintage games and there’s some titles that always appear: Super Mario 3, Mike Tyson’s punch out, Metroid, Double Dragon, Castlevania etc. Sure these a great games but there were a lot of games out there and sometimes you just found something you couldn’t put down, here are a few of mine:

1.  Crystalis.


This is one I rented as a kid and as we all remember almost no rental games ever came with manuals or maps unless you were the first person who rented it. This led to a lot of wandering around to figure things out, and the longer I played it the more I dug it. Sure it’s no Final Fantasy but it still had a decent story and with a little grinding and trial and error you could make your way through it.
PRO: Solid RPG, decent gameplay and story.
CON: Constantly having to switch elemental weapons every few mins to fight the various enemies who are only hurt by that element.

2. Code Name: Viper.


This was a game I recieved as a birthday gift, the box art and screenshots looked good and after dropping it in my NES was not let down. You’re on a mission to topple a terrorist organization as you plow through side scrolling, rapid firing action. The game offered a variety of victories and cheap deaths but not enough of one or the other to make it too easy or too boring. It was in the same vein as the many other side scrolling shooters of the day like Rolling Thunder but Codename: Viper really stood out to me.
PRO: Get guns, shoot guns, save the day!
CON: You get knocked backward when you get hit and that leads to so many cheap, annoying deaths.

3. Guerilla War.


This one was a rental, was hanging out with my buddy and it was one of two 2 player games that looked cool at the video store that night. Guerilla War is a run and gun much like Ikari Warriors, you have your trusty machine gun and unlimited grenades and plentiful upgrades for your weapons. You fight your way through the jungles, cities, bases and finally the capital city to take out the big boss of the revolution. This was a great buddy game, you just blast your way to victory leaving the charred countryside in your wake.
PRO: Tons of weapon powerups and unlimited continues.
CON: Other than a few levels it’s incredibly repetitive and you’re constantly dying. Bringing a buddy along adds to the fun especially as it’s not a long game.

4. The Lone Ranger.


I came across this as a rental as well, I knew of the Lone Ranger from having heard the classic radio show on cassette from the library. So when I ran across this and saw it was a Konami game, I gave it a go. You’re the Lone Ranger out to do some revenging on behalf of your slain Texas ranger brothers who have been ambushed and killed by outlaws. With the help of Tonto and Silver your trusty steed you tour the old west handing out justice. There’s a good variety of levels from side scrolling to first person 3d that keep things interesting. PRO: Solid gameplay, good story and some decent weapons for taming the wild west.
CON: DAMN THIS GAME IS FRUSTRATING!! This is not a simple game,  and will take a lot of trial and error to avoid cheap deaths. When you die you need to start entire scenario over which gets repetitive as you’ll die frequently at the start.

5. River City Ransom.


This was the first game I ever bought with my own money as a kid and it was $99.99 well spent. You’re brothers Alex and Ryan and your girl has been kidnapped by some clowns and is being held hostage in the school gym so Alex and Ryan must punch and kick their way through River City. This game has great character sprites which appear in many of Technos’ other games.
It also adds a nice RPG element to the standard beat em up. As you travel along you have the ability to use food, items and books to build up your stats.
PRO: Challenging but very solid game, great controls and a ton of fun with a buddy along.
CON: Can get motononous clobbering somewhat generic enemies over and over again.

6. Bonus entry: The Little Mermaid.


This was just laying around one day, you know “that day”, the “I have nothing I haven’t played” day. I was actually shocked to find out it was actually a solid game, the controls were tight despite the entire game basically being a water level. Capcom did a great job on all their Disney games and although this wasn’t a long game it wasn’t the easy walkthrough you’d think it would be, there’s puzzles to solve, ways to power up, and some challenging boss battles that require some pattern memorization. The controls are great so cheap deaths aren’t common and are usually your own fault. Overall
PRO: Solid gameplay. Capcom quality.
CON: Tougher than a kid oriented game should be.

So those are just a few of my faves.


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