Level 7: How complete is complete enough?


With Christmas just a day away, I’m already looking forward to spending some xmas money on of course…more NES games! This got me looking at my collection and pondering over what titles I’ll be adding, but also got me thinking about how much the collection has grown lately. My fiancee asked me “How many do you actually need?” and it got me thinking about how complete of a collection I really plan on putting together.

Every collector has a goal with their stuff, maybe it’s specific games or accessories they need or maybe they just will never be happy until they’ve hunted down every piece of merchandise they can find. We all have an idea of what we’d like to do and how feasible it is to do it. Money and availability are always a factor, as there’s a lot of titles I see on different youtube shows that are far out of my budget but if I don’t have them my collection won’t be complete.

This gets me thinking about how complete is complete enough? At the end of the day it’s really just for MY own enjoyment so am I really going to be concerned if I dont have a little samson, stadium events, ducktales 2 or power blade 2? I’ve talked before about whether rare games are even worth the considerable cost when many aren’t even that great of a game to begin with.

I find its easy to get wrapped up in the hype and as you see the collections of these various youtube guys it gets you excited to complete yours but unless you got in early it can be costly. I was personally excited with my own collection when I reached the point of having all the games I had/liked as a kid, everything else is really just gravy so I dont stress much about what I don’t have. That being said though, I keep adding to it because it’s a passion and I’d like as complete of a collection as I can reasonably put together.

So in the end it’s really only you who needs to be impressed with your collection and as long as your happy with it and not going hungry to build it up, then it’s all good. It’s up to you to decide how complete, complete needs to be.

Have a great holidays and happy game chasing in the new year!

This was my xmas score 😀




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