Level 15: The collecting bug.

If you have it you understand what I’m going to talk about, the collecting bug. 

It started when I first started watching the game chasers on YouTube, I had my NES and a decent collection of favourites already like Mike Tyson’s Punchout and River City Ransom, etc but watching them scavenge for games and deals got a fire inside me restoked and suddenly I found myself at the local flea market and the second hand stores again chasing my own treasures. 

My fiance who up until this point hadn’t heard me talk much about games until she mentioned that there were a few at her mom’s house that she grabbed for me and that’s how I ended up with a Ms Pac man and a Bart vs the world. Getting these newfound beauties only made me want to hunt for more much to her chagrin. 

We went on a camping trip and stopped in a little town nearby one day for lunch, of course I spot someone having a yard sale and decided to ask if they had any old games. The guy vanishes for a moment then returns with an original Gameboy in a hardshell case with a few games, well $20 later I walked away a happy guy who was now determined to also get a Gameboy collection going again much to the chagrin of my girlfriend. 

At first she said things like “who ever kept these things?” And I told her a lot of people had and as I quickly found out it was going to be relatively easy to get a good collection going as most places have the more common games and usually at a fair price. Fortunately for me I had purchased a lot of the more expensive games long before the prices went way up. 

So I suddenly find myself having to bring a list with me when I go game hunting as I’ve previously bought the same game multiple times by accident. As this list has grown I find myself getting excited about little milestone’s like hitting 100 games and then 200 and I’m looking at my next one as I’m only 8 games away from the 300 mark. 

I’ve started to get to the point where I no longer have available shelf space as the bug has not just bitten me in the Nintendo game area but also in collectables, I mostly collect Nintendo memoribilia, figures, amibos, puzzles, stuffed figures, well you get the idea, I really like Nintendo stuff. The shelves have found themselves equally stuffed full of Star Wars action figures and just about anything else that I decide I just can’t live without. 

Therein lies the problem, I keep finding things that I just can’t live without whether a need it or not again much to the dismay of my very beautiful, understanding and patient wife to be. I just can’t turn down a good deal on something whether it’s something for my own collection or something I know I can sell to further my own collecting addiction. You get that nagging feeling inside you that you know you can’t pass the item up, ironically even most of the items I pick up for resale often just find their way onto a shelf and thus crowds up even more of my prime shelf real estate. 

There’s a lot of times I’ll try to pair down my collection and I’ll convince myself I’ll get rid of a few things to make room for some other things I really want but frequently find myself not being able to part with even games for systems I never use just because it’s a memorable or rare game. Strangely enough some of these items are often for systems that I don’t have any prticular nostalgia for, but are systems I’ve found a few favourite or uncommon games for. 

It’s a funny thing that only collectors can understand as its a peculiar hording habit, I’m in no way a pack rat in any other area of my life aside from video games and collectables. I can look at the stacks of NES cartridges laying around including the ones you play once and never play again and still not see a reason to sell them, and it’s in no way about the monetary value but I just can’t seem to separate myself from them. 

As collectors we form bonds with our hobby, it’s about the hunting, searching, negotiating for and digging up those rare treasures that keeps you looking for the next one. Everytime I feel like I’ve reached a good spot with my my collection, something comes up, a sale, a crazy deal at a yard sale or second hand store or a friend mentions they have something up for sale, and the whole process starts again. 

I enjoy being able to look at my collection and take great joy and pride from what I’ve built up and that keeps me looking for the next addition because I know I can always just buy more shelving anyway ha ha! I guess it’s just a collector thing, no matter what you collect you understand how hard it is to pass up another piece for the collection. 

As soon as I’m finished writing this I can’t lie, I’ll be going for a rip to my local second hand store because stuff comes in all the time and I’d hate to miss out on something I can’t live without ha ha! That’s just how it goes once the bug gets you. 



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